Training a dog to become a Service Dog is work.  Clients need to dedicate 2-3 hours a day for training exercises; grab 1 minute here, 5 minutes there, go on field trips and attend classes for up to 2 years and the training continues for the working life of the dog.  You are the leader of your team providing guidance, consistency, encouragement, love and discipline.  PTSD Service Dogs do not "cure" PTSD or mean symptoms will disappear, but they can offer therapeutic value in conjunction with treatment being received.

What kind of temperament does a dog need to be a Service Dog?  Dogs that are 'solid' meaning unflappable, calm, confident, unfazed by loud noise, strange sights, strange people and strange dogs are some of the characteristics we look for in a dog.

It's critical to have a support system to help you with the training.  Whether it's friends or family, having that back up is a necessary component of our program.  Your support system can step in when you need them. 

The first few months of training consist of the fundamentals like sit/stay, walking on a loose leash, recall, focusing on you in distracting situations, all the foundation work.  We use the classroom and real world to train.  It all leads up to the Public Access Test (PAT) and successfully demonstrating  task specific behaviors like alerting, blocking, etc.

Task specific behaviors are developed after the dog has achieved certain training goals.  If your dog begins to alert naturally, appropriately and consistently we build on those alerts.

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Training Process

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